Emc World 2013 Recap

EMC World 2013 Recap

Ron Longley | May 21, 2013

EMC held its annual conference, EMC World, in Las Vegas the week of May 6th. It was an exciting event that enabled customers and partners to come together to hear about the latest technical and business developments EMC had to offer.

In case you missed it, what follows is a recap that touches on the highlights of EMC World 2013: 

ViPR – EMC announced the launch of EMC ViPR, their solution for software-defined storage. ViPR offers a revolutionary approach to storage automation and management to transform existing heterogeneous physical storage into a simple, extensible and open virtual storage platform. ViPR abstracts storage from physical arrays into a single pool of virtual storage, allowing administrators to manage their storage with the same benefits they have with compute and network via VMware and other 3rd party virtualization technologies.

RecoverPoint – While technically announced the week before EMC World, EMC introduced RecoverPoint 4.0. This new version of the data protection solution that provides DVR-like rollback capability and point-in-time recovery for mission critical applications offers several exciting enhancements and increased efficiencies. RecoverPoint 4.0 introduces the virtual RecoverPoint appliance (vRPA) option for EMC VNX Unified storage, the ability to support RecoverPoint capabilities now in a virtual machine! RecoverPoint 4.0 also introduces multi-site support to protect data across remote offices with a 4:1 fan-in ratio.

VNX – Although we were all hoping to get a formal “VNX2” announcement at EMC World, we were given a taste of the changes that are coming in the future. The next-gen VNX is due to include software enhancements (MCx) that will allow the array to truly take advantage of the multi-core x86 Intel CPUs that exist today and those coming in the future. During a short demo, the VNX was shown to push 1 million IOPS with sub-1 ms latency and the CPU load was shown to be evenly distributed across all 16 cores in the Storage Processor! We are also going to see solutions which typically require dedicated hardware (VPLEX and RecoverPoint) available to run virtually on the VNX as well as a virtual version of the VNX itself (vVNX).

Isilon – The next version of operating system (OneFS) for EMC Isilon scale-out NAS , due out sometime later in 2013, will include data deduplication capabilities and audit features, plus enhancements for object-oriented storage and Hadoop HDFS 2.0.

Branding – EMC also made it clear that they plan to maintain four distinct brands that will be strategically aligned: EMC, VMware, RSA and Pivotal.