Emcs Vmax All Flash Dssd D5 News Everything You Need To Know

EMC’s VMAX All-Flash, DSSD D5 News: Everything You Need to Know

Arraya Insights | March 22, 2016

This year was supposed to be the Year of the Monkey, however, EMC took things in a different direction with its recent VMAX All-Flash and DSSD D5 announcements. All of sudden, 2016 hasman meditating in data center become the Year of All-Flash for Primary Storage as the data storage giant expands its flash portfolio. With the elevation of all-flash, EMC seems ready to relegate traditional disk storage to a support role, entrusting it to handle organizations’ bulk and archive needs.

EMC’s news revolved around a re-engineered take on VMAX and the launch of a completely new category of flash in “Rack-Scale Flash Storage.” At the forefront of this new category is EMC’s DSSD D5 architecture. Let’s dive-in and explore the features of VMAX and DSSD D5 as well as some possible use cases for each.

New Release #1: VMAX All-Flash

Who Should Be Interested: VMAX All-Flash should interest businesses looking for a solution capable of consolidating storage workloads split between block and file types and/or businesses that also require up to “six-nines” availability and four petabytes of scalable storage capacity.


  • Includes Write Folding technology to improve the durability of flash while also boosting performance
  • Scales easily due to V-Brick building blocks – each of which includes one VMAX engine and up to 500 TBs of capacity – that can be combined to increase usable storage
  • Available in two all-flash models:
    • EMC VMAX All-Flash 450, which consists of anywhere from one-to-four V-Bricks
    • EMC VMAX All-Flash 850, which consists of up to eight V-Bricks
  • VMAX All-Flash 450 and VMAX All-Flash 850 are each offered in two distinct package levels to better address customer needs:
    • F packages (base level) include:
      • A streamlined management experience through Unisphere, EMC’s unified storage management solution
      • Thin provisioning to optimize storage space utilization
      • Support for Virtual Volumes (VVols) and SnapVX
      • Data protection and copy data management services delivered via AppSync
    • FX packages (top level) include:
      • Features standard to F-level packages
      • Remote replication and disaster recovery provided by EMC’s SRDF Suite
      • At-rest data encryption
      • EMC’s ViPR solution for automating and improving the manageability of storage devices
      • A secure path to the cloud forged by EMC’s solution
    • Integrates with a wide variety of industry-leading apps, including those from VMware, Microsoft, and more
  • VMAX All-Flash By the Numbers
    • Capable of carrying millions of IOPS and read/write workloads
    • Can clock in at 500 microseconds of latency
    • Supports 150 GB/s of bandwidth

New Release #2: DSSD D5

Who Should Be Interested: DSSD D5 is perfect for businesses in need of top-flight performance and latency to support either traditional projects or cutting-edge endeavors such as big data.


  • Uses NVMe-driven connections and PCIe networking to meet the elite performance levels today’s businesses demand: latency as low as 100 microseconds, 100 GB/s of bandwidth, and IOPS of 10 million in a 5U system
  • Shrinks data center footprints and TCO by providing up to 100 TB of usable capacity in a lone 5U chassis
  • Increases application uptime by way of features such as dual-ported client cards, dual H/A controllers, redundant components, and more
  • Multiple connectivity options (Flood Direct Memory APIs, blocker drivers, etc.) allow a range of applications to benefit from the speed and performance boosts of DSSD D5
  • Performance increases enable businesses to expand their horizons, making real time analytics and applications possible and highly-complex problems solvable
  • Boosts speeds for even the most data-intensive processes by up to 10X compared with competitors in the flash arena

Are VMAX and DSSD D5 right for you?

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