Get Control Of Your Data An Overview Of The New Microsoft Purview

Get Control of Your Data: An Overview of the New Microsoft Purview

Arraya Insights | June 7, 2022

Throughout the last few years, many businesses have seen a massive increase in their digital footprint. Businesses have never gathered more data and our growing attack surfaces have led to an inherent risk of cyber attacks. In addition, we’re now operating across multiple clouds and on-premises platforms.  

As our relationship with technology expands, the cyber risk landscape heats up, and compliance regulations tighten. There are many moving parts in constant flux. Managing our growing data estates has never been more challenging. 

Microsoft is now simplifying the challenge of data governance with Microsoft Purview. By combining what was formerly known as Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 Compliance, this comprehensive set of solutions helps your business govern, protect, and manage your entire data estate whether on-premises, in the multi-cloud, or in software-as-a-service (SaaS).  

Microsoft Purview offers one, single dashboard with many capabilities, including:  

  • Data Classification 

Due to the sheer volume of data being collected every day, manually classifying all your data can seem impossible. With Microsoft Purview, users can take advantage of automated data discovery, lineage identification, and data classification.  

Further, Microsoft Purview establishes the foundation for effective data governance with the Microsoft Purview Data Map. This allows users to automate and manage metadata from hybrid sources, classify data using built-in classifiers and MIP sensitivity labels, and easily integrate all your data systems using Apache Atlas APIs.  

  • Data Insights 

Many businesses aren’t taking advantage of their data and utilizing it in decision making. Data that is collected and then simply stored is often referred to as “dark data.” This is a wasted opportunity.  

Microsoft Purview makes data more easily discoverable. With an enterprise-grade business glossary, you can easily discover data using familiar business or technical search terms. In addition, you can provide your data scientists, engineers, and analysts with the data they need for BI, analytics, AI, and machine learning.  

Further, Purview’s single pane of glass view provides specific data insights for data source administrators, business users, data stewards, data officers, and security administrators. 

  • Data Security 

The more data your business collects and stores the higher your risk will be, especially when working with sensitive data. As cyber attacks, particularly ransomware, continue to grow in frequency and severity, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to secure their data.  

As Microsoft Purview is built on Azure, users are protected by Azure’s comprehensive built in security and data compliance features. In addition, Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevent (DLP) helps organizations detect and prevent data exfiltration during cyber attacks. As some malicious parties will use renaming tools to evade detection when completing file transfer utilities, DLP can still identify the execution of these tools, even when renamed.  

  • Data Compliance  

Compliance requirements are constantly changing and there are over 250 regulatory updates each day. As it’s anticipated that these will only become more stringent in the future, it’s hard to monitor how each daily update affects your business.  

With Compliance Manager, users are notified of specific regulations that will impact their business and continuous assessments provide real-time alerts of anything that needs to be addressed. An overall compliance score helps your business quickly check your current posture and act where needed.  

Next Steps: Take Advantage of Purview’s Free 90-Day Trial for Microsoft Customers  

As technology advances and holds a larger role in nearly every industry, it’s only going to get more difficult to manage our data. It’s time to take advantage of a more streamlined, comprehensive approach that gives your business the opportunity to control this growing challenge.   

In short, with Microsoft Purview your business can know your data, protect your data, prevent data loss, and govern your data.  

Microsoft customers can take advantage of a free, 90-day trial of Microsoft Purview and check out all features of the Microsoft E5 license package. To sign up for the free trial, users must hold either a billing, compliance, or a global administrator role. Admins can then disable the free trial at any time.  

To learn more about data governance and Microsoft Purview, contact an Arraya expert today.  

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