Healthcare Analytics Coming Up Short Where To Turn

Healthcare Analytics Coming Up Short: Where to Turn

Arraya Insights | June 1, 2015

Advanced data and analytics tools have become an almost essential part of making and sustaining any type of long-term improvement. It’s like the old saying goes: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” But despite the importance of those tools and the constant pressure on healthcare organizations to keep reaching another level in terms of quality, many aren’t using data and analytics to their fullest potential.

When asked to describe where their organizations stand with business and data analytics, only 10% of healthcare leaders confirmed they use advanced tools to collect, analyze and interpret data. The rest haven’t reached that point in their journey, including 21% who described themselves as still in the planning phase. That’s according to the results of a study of 270 healthcare professionals conducted by KPMG LLP, an audit, tax and advisory firm.

What’s getting in the way? The biggest obstacle keeping organizations from implementing data and analytics tools is siloed, non-standardized data. More than a third (37%) of organizations listed that as their top issue.

Also holding organizations back:

  • a lack of technology infrastructure- 17%
  • skill gaps with data and analytics- 15%
  • their company culture- 11%
  • an inability to electronically capture and exchange data- 5%
  • an unclear return on investment (ROI)- 4%

Get a clear, defined look at performance

Struggling to get out of the gate with data and analytics? Investigating ways to advance your capabilities? Look no further than Performance Analytics from ServiceNow. This application provides leaders with visualizations of the metrics, reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) they need to see exactly where things stand with their departments and teams. Leaders can use that info to ensure they meet their goals regularly and are fully-prepared to tackle improvements when they come up.

Performance Analytics addresses a number of the barriers healthcare organizations named in the study. Take for example, the number one issue on the list: non-standardized data. Performance Analytics breaks down organizational silos by establishing a lone, standardized record of truth across all facets of the service request management process.

In terms of the skills gap, culture issues and ROI, Performance Analytics is designed to deliver unmatched time-to-value. It comes complete with access to the world’s largest library of key performance indicators (KPIs) for IT and other business functions and pre-defined KPIs for all major IT processes. This allows organizations to get up and running and to start seeing value more quickly. Also, Performance Analytics doesn’t require any specialized coding skills to manage, making it accessible to techies and non-techies alike.

Additional features include:

  • mobile-enabled scorecards depicting up-to-date performance trends
  • a secure platform where data isn’t duplicated and never leaves the safety of the ServiceNow cloud environment
  • the ability to automate regularly occurring reports, which saves time and eliminates mistakes by taking error-prone manual processes out of the equation

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