How To Bounce Back Quickly From A Data Breach

How to Bounce Back Quickly From a Data Breach

Arraya Insights | March 23, 2016

Data. It’s essentially the lifeblood that every organization has in common. Every day, businesses take more in, send more out, and make more themselves. Without data, we’d all be very far up abusinessmen offer hand shake in a technology data center not so scenic creek with nowhere to go. Considering the value and volume of all of that data, it’s no surprise cyber criminals have ramped up their efforts lately. As I mentioned in a previous post, making sure that only the correct people can access data, through the correct devices, and do the correct things with it, is a highly-involved job.

But what happens when there’s a breach? What happens when our data is lost, stolen, or accidentally deleted? A case can be made that protecting our data is just as important as how prepared we are to respond to each of those hypotheticals. A key element of this is having a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy in place.

The amount of data we maintain and the speed of business necessitates that partial backups occur during weekday nights and full backups happen over the weekend. Unfortunately, data breaches and the hackers who perpetrate them aren’t keen on following a set schedule. Breaches can occur at any moment and so IT must be prepared to respond to these intrusions at a moment’s notice. Getting to that state requires proper planning, as well as the appropriate tools and know-how.

Here’s the good news: Arraya Solutions has a cloud backup service that can help. It’s called Protect and it features:

  • Off-site and out-of-reach data storage: Protect takes a business’ data and stores it in the cloud, but not quite in the traditional sense. Our protected data is housed locally (in the area) under heavy lock and key. This approach puts our customers at rest because they know exactly where their data is at all times (even down to the address). However, it remains a mystery to any unwanted guests. Entrusting your data to an organization like Arraya, one which uses a different set of credentials, effectively shrinks the attack surface. This way, if your business’ credentials are compromised, IT will at least know that the business’ backups aren’t also at risk.
  • Backup and recovery specialists at the ready: Even simple restores can be a burden if data isn’t protected properly – or if IT’s to do list is particularly jammed. Things only get tougher when you look at more complex data such as SQL and email. Our Managed Services team has been recognized as one of the best in our area. Every single day, our engineers handle backups and restores of all complexities, for organizations in a multitude of industries. They’ll work closely with onsite IT teams to understand an organization’s needs and then ensure those needs are consistently met.
  • Lightning fast backup and recovery: In the event that the worst happens, our Protect service will put your business on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. Clients that utilize our platform typically see a full backup completed in under 10 minutes. This applies to all data types and sizes, from a few GB to multiple TBs. This speed is almost unheard of for in-house applications especially over the internet.

If you’d like to learn more about how Protect secures your data in the cloud, reach out to us at: http://www.arrayasolutions.com/contact-us/. From there, you’ll be put in touch with a member of our team who can answer any questions you have about Protect and show you how your organization can benefit from making the switch to cloud-based backup and recovery.