A Manufacturing Revolution

The definition of what it means to be a manufacturer has evolved. It wasn’t long ago when manufacturers could get by with having production environments that were disconnected from their corporate business systems. In today’s climate, increasing pressure to deliver high quality products faster than ever has begun to force out these traditional IT arrangements.

Modern manufacturing and technology have become so intertwined that today’s manufacturers can almost seem like technology companies that happen to create a product. Technology has become the engine that drives the business. It’s given manufacturers greater control over and insight into the products they build, resulting in higher quality, faster throughput, and more satisfied customers.

But, what good is an engine if the operations around it grow while it stays the same? Technology must be scalable, designed to change with the business it supports. As it grows, technology must also be hardened to withstand potentially damaging cyberattacks. These goals necessitate a technology partner who understands the industry and who knows how to help.

Becoming a ‘Next-Generation’ Manufacturer

Arraya Solutions’ Manufacturing practice is skilled at helping manufacturers gain the connectivity they need to keep pace in their industry. Our team uses proven methodologies to plan, design, implement and optimize an array of enterprise solutions, technologies and strategies.

Arraya helps manufacturers gain the connectivity they need to keep pace in their industry

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This includes:

  • Assessing the status of existing environments to help manufacturers map out sound IT improvement strategies.
  • Architecting networks capable of meeting the demands of increased data-gathering and mobility initiatives.
  • Providing reliable cybersecurity solutions while also giving facilities the data they need to better secure their physical environments.
  • Increasing connectivity and access to information by helping manufacturers plan, execute, and optimize Internet of Things deployments.

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