Infographic Exploring The Present And Future Of Application Development

Infographic: Exploring the Present and Future of Application Development

Arraya Insights | April 30, 2020

Right now, the application footprint has never been larger. In some cases, these tools provide out-of-the-box value. Other times, applications need to be customized or even purpose-built in order to make meaningful contributions. Either way, across all industries and departments, employees have likely come to depend on one or more applications to help them through their workdays.

While the number of applications has grown, the ability of the organization to keep them up and running hasn’t always followed suit. Developers with the skills needed to do so are in high demand on the open market. This has left many struggling to ensure they are able to receive the targeted return on their application investments.       

We put together the following infographic to further explore the challenges unfolding throughout the application development landscape.

Next Steps: Connect with the app dev talent your organization needs

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