Life With Managed Services What Its Like How You Benefit

Life with Managed Services: What It’s Like & How You Benefit

Arraya Insights | January 19, 2017

Arraya has a unique take on Managed Services. Many providers rattle off familiar platitudes concerning uptime, availability, and track record. We like talking about those things, too, but we believe a best-of-breed Managed Services provider has much more to offer.

A journey is happening in IT. Some IT departments focus on supporting the infrastructure that drives the business. Others have grown into a service provider that helps end-users securely obtain and leverage critical business functions and applications. Still others have evolved to the point where IT is seen as a business adviser, one who helps shape the company’s technological and business directions.

Wherever a customer’s IT team stands on that journey, Managed Services providers must be able to provide the necessary resources and expertise. They must also provide the guidance needed to make the next level achievable. This is what sets Arraya apart.

To further illustrate that point, let’s take a look at what life is like for Arraya’s Managed Services customers.

Getting to know you

It starts with our mantra: “Your goals are our goals.”  We understand Managed Services is no longer about simply providing a service. Anyone can remedy problems after they happen. Arraya is focused on understanding an IT organization’s responsibilities and planning an actionable strategy for the future.

Turning that philosophy into action starts early during the onboarding process. We establish a regular cadence with key IT folks and focus our discussions around want vs. need. These conversations help us get to know a customer’s team better and adjust our goals. The information gleaned is coupled with data uncovered during an upfront assessment to determine where things stand vs. where the business wants them to be. Arraya’s team can then offer guidance on how to achieve those goals.

Fostering the relationship

Modern technology environments need to be nimble, scalable, and ready for anything. Those three things are not often associated with Managed Services providers, where rigid service contracts and strict scope boundaries limit the way things are done. This is another area where Arraya differentiates itself.

Every Arraya Managed Services customer is assigned a Technical Advocate. This individual will immerse him or herself in the customer’s environment and learn their appetite for change and growth. The intention is for this person to become a “right-hand man” of sorts and provide guidance and expertise. If changes are needed, the Tech Advocate can identify and recommend them. Best practices provide a starting point, but the real value of the service is learning when to implement them.

This is particularly important as IT teams follow that evolutionary path we laid out earlier – from infrastructure keeper to service provider to business adviser. If the customer’s environment is subject to change, what good is a Managed Services provider who is unable to say the same about its services?

Building and maintaining an elite team

Elite IT teams don’t just happen. It takes careful deliberation during the hiring process and a commitment to providing regular opportunities for team members to better themselves – and, in turn, the company. This equates to an investment of time and resources, two things not easy to come by in IT.

Like all Managed Services providers, Arraya takes care of those things so our customers don’t have to worry about them. We hire and retain our own support staff and provide them with the access to training they need to stay on top of their games. What sets us apart? Our approach to who makes the grade.

Over the years, we’ve developed a checklist of what makes an ideal Managed Services candidate. Although technical knowledge is important (and our team members have the certifications to back it up) it’s also about having a knack for creating positive customer experiences – even in the briefest of interactions. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right people to wear those hats.

What comes next?

Want to learn more about what life is like with Arraya’s Managed Services team by your side? We can be reached by visiting www.arrayasolutions.com/contact-us/. Arraya can also be found on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Feel free to start a conversation or follow us to keep up with our latest blogs, special events, and industry insights.