Making The Business Case For An Enterprise Mobility Management Suite

Making the Business Case for an Enterprise Mobility Management Suite

Arraya Insights | October 30, 2014

The dividing line between “work computer” and “personal computer” is getting harder and harder to spot. That’s because the ability to work anywhere, anytime is something that’s less of a novelty and more of an expectation these days. And not only do employees want to be able to access their work data from any location, they also want to be able to do so from multiple devices. 

Even though this transition can lead to major productivity gains among workers, it’s also no secret that it’s added plenty of new items onto the to-do lists of IT teams. There’s a whole spectrum of devices and connections out there employees want to use for work purposes, and it falls on IT to ensure they can do so – and that they do so safely.

This is where having an enterprise mobility suite at your IT team’s disposal can make all the difference. It can provide IT with the support they need to balance employees’ desire for flexibility with an organization’s demand for productivity and security.

Keep devices secure on the go 

As we wrap up National Cyber Security Awareness Month, now seems like the perfect time to investigate adding an enterprise mobility management suite to your facility’s systems. Here are six benefits your company could see by making the jump:

  • Make managing the device spectrum easier. Laptops, tablets, smartphones. The list of devices people want to use to do their job is extensive enough already and, with recent “wearable” innovations such as the Apple Watch and Google Glass, it’s likely only going to keep getting longer and more diverse. Mobility management suites can help IT to support end users as they access corporate data on a variety of devices.    
  • Support multiple operating systems. It might be easier to get politicians to agree on something than it would be to find an accord between many Apple and Android fans. Asking one group to switch devices so IT only has to worry about one OS? Good luck. A mobility management suite can ensure flexibility for users who want to use their devices for work, while at the same time keeping IT from getting overrun.
  • Increase security for corporate data. The influx of new devices may be great for employee productivity, but it’s also creating plenty of new potential inroads into corporate systems which IT needs to secure. Some suites can give IT personnel increased visibility into devices and allow them to update device settings and step in to enforce company policy when needed.
  • Protect info on lost or stolen devices. Mistakes happen and sometimes that means a phone or company device is going to get misplaced. Devices are also a prime target for theft. Either option is going to put sensitive information on the line. Certain mobility suites will give IT the ability to access a lost or stolen device remotely and remove or block corporate data and apps.
  • Identify at-risk devices. If a “jailbroken” or potentially compromised device tries to access a company’s network, a mobility solution can raise a red flag for IT. That way, IT can take whatever action it needs to in order to ensure the security of the network.     
  • Get apps out to users. Is there an app IT wants to recommend to end users? Or even require them to install? A mobility management solution can help IT get the word out about these apps, keep them updated, and potentially even lend a hand in the process of creating unique internal apps for the business.  

Obviously, no two enterprise mobility suites are exactly the same, just as no two companies have the exact same set of needs. Arraya Solutions can help match your company’s IT requirements with the perfect mobility suite for the job. To learn more, visit www.ArrayaSolutions.com or contact your Arraya sales rep today.

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