Meraki Per Device Licensing Update Whats The Latest

Meraki Per-Device Licensing Update: What’s the Latest?

Arraya Insights | August 18, 2020

Meraki has added a new per-device licensing model in addition to the co-termination licensing model that we have been accustomed to and have associated Meraki with. The first important point to know is that all existing dashboards will remain the same and there is nothing that is needed to be done by the end user to remain on the co-termination model. Dashboards will operate as they did, the only change is that there is now the option to convert to the new per-device model. The conversion to per-device licensing is permanent and should be chosen for the specific reasons that suit the organization. Remember: Always reach out for support when needed to discuss which licensing model makes sense for the organization. Each organization must either have the per-device or the co-termination model applied, as both cannot exist within a single organization. The image below is an example of what a per-device licensing model would look like when applied to Meraki devices.

Meraki Per-Device Licensing Model

Using Meraki in a per-device licensing model allows for greater flexibility in how licenses are assigned and moved around. Moving licenses between organizations is now possible as well as the ability to renew a subset of the devices. There are license true-ups available to extend expiration dates for devices to achieve more shared expiration dates across the organization. License true-ups should be seen to make the per-device licensing model more flexible and organized, and not turn the organization into a co-termination-based licensing model. With these new changes comes the flexibility for incorporating new subscription options, including the new MX Security Appliance license tiers, MS Switch license options, and Upgraded MR Wireless licenses to include Umbrella. Look for updates on these new licensing options in future posts on this blog!