New Servicenow Capabilities Increase Efficiency Opportunities

New ServiceNow Capabilities Increase Efficiency Opportunities

Arraya Insights | March 10, 2015

Just a few months back, we pondered whether or not 2015 would be the end of the line for email. It didn’t seem likely then, however, it suddenly may be a little more plausible as far as three of your company’s departments are concerned. The latest release from ServiceNow promises to boost the proficiency of corporate Legal, Marketing and Finance teams in a number of ways – including by significantly reducing the volume of email traffic they face. 

ServiceNow is already well-known for providing IT, Facilities and HR with the lights-out, no-touch automation needed to develop more effective service processes. By adding three new departments to that list, ServiceNow looks to use its cloud platform to wean even more components of the enterprise off their dependency on inefficiencies such as email and spreadsheets.

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The new applications, which have been tailored to meet the needs of each specific department, are: Marketing Service Management, Legal Service Management and Finance Service Management. Here are some benefits of these services you may want to pass along to the person in charge of those departments to pique their interest in service automation:

Marketing Service Management gives your company’s Marketing team:

  • Clearer visibility into the time spent on projects and tasks thanks to detailed reports and dashboards
  • The ability to better align itself with your company’s business objectives by viewing requests, setting staff priorities, and managing approvals
  • An intuitive user portal that can lead to increased engagement with Marketing and can collect user requests
  • A modern environment where users can share, store and manage Marketing information

Legal Service Management provides:

  • Workflow automation that ensures requests get to the right owner, making connecting with Legal faster and more efficient
  • An intuitive portal where customers can submit requests and access collected knowledge and data
  • Better insight into what’s being done, what still needs to be done and what resources are needed, all with the help of reports and dashboards
  • A lone system of record for legal knowledge, policy and processes, improving accuracy and reducing risk

Finance Service Management offers:

  • The ability to minimize and even eliminate time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks
  • A way to create a consistent, accessible set of financial process guidelines and knowledge, ensuring accuracy by raising awareness of regulations and best practices
  • More effective asset tracking with integrated asset management capabilities, making it easier to stay on top of resources
  • The chance to cut costs and risk by making approvals and service delivery more productive  

They may not eliminate email from the business world for good, however these three tools can ease the burden of endless emails or spreadsheets and offer Marketing, Legal and Finance an easier way to do their jobs.

Arraya Solutions’ Enterprise Service Management practice delivers on ServiceNow’s promise of optimizing and simplifying – as well as standardizing and automating – all with the goal of helping our customers transform their IT environment and their enterprise.

To learn more about these new features or how Arraya Solutions can make your company’s business goals a reality with our ServiceNow solutions, reach out to your Arraya Account Executive today or visit www.ArrayaSolutions.com.

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