Arraya Solutions Launches New Managed Security Offering

Company announces a new approach to network security

October 14, 2015 – Arraya Solutions announced today the release of its latest managed services offering, Managed Services for Network Security. This service is designed to give customers a direct link to Arraya’s security experts. In this way, they will be able to expand on the skills and knowledge of their preexisting IT teams without having to actually expand the size of those teams through new hires or contractors.

“Our belief is that having the right tools in your IT environment is only one part of the security equation,” said David Bakker, CTO of Arraya Solutions. “It’s also essential to have technicians on staff with the knowledge and experience to effectively manage and support those tools. Without that, even cutting edge tools can’t succeed. That’s the principle behind Managed Services for Network Security. We want to give customers ready-access to that knowledge and experience.”

The Arraya team also cites the fact that today’s IT pros also have more demands placed on their time than ever before. Security workloads and initiatives consume a larger and larger chunk of IT’s day and that trend is unlikely to reverse itself in the coming years. As a result, IT is left with less time for other, also pressing assignments.

As part of the Network Security offering, Arraya’s Managed Services team will take the responsibility for those solutions off of IT’s plate, freeing it to focus its attention on other projects.

The security tasks covered under Arraya’s Managed Services for Network Security include:

  • Managing (security) zones, networks and locations
  • Inspecting, blocking and altering malicious traffic (using intrusion detection policies)
  • Handling early detection, reputation-based blacklisting
  • Adding or editing access control policies and rules
  • Providing 24×7 monitoring and alert response
  • Detecting, analyzing and tracking files (and protecting against malware)
  • Generating reports for hosts, users, attacks, malware threats and overall network status

“Managed Services for Network Security works hand-in-hand with security solutions from industry-leaders to give budget and security-conscious organizations access to enterprise-grade technology backed by our renowned support team,” Bakker said. “We see it as a hybrid security solution capable of growing and evolving with a customer’s needs.”

Network Security joins Infrastructure, O365, Unified Communication, Help Desk and more in Arraya’s Managed Services portfolio. To learn more about the full scope of offerings visit

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Director, Marketing and Communications