Protecting Your Mobile Environment 5 Must Follow Steps

Protecting Your Mobile Environment: 5 Must-Follow Steps

Arraya Insights | September 24, 2015

Mobility solutions are becoming more established in all industries, including healthcare. In order to give employees the flexibility they desire, IT is being asked to let go of control over howbusiness hand shows touch screen mobile phone with streaming images employees connect to organizational networks, from where they’re able to connect, and the devices they use to do so.

The productivity gains which can be achieved by allowing employees to work from multiple locations and across multiple devices are clear. Enabling a more mobile workforce allows your staffers to provide patients with better care by making sure health information is always close at hand. In addition, there’s the element of improved communication between staffers and patients that can be powered by mobility solutions.

However, no industry is immune to security breaches. A quick glance through the tech headlines on most days will show that. No organization wants to deal with the costs – both financial and otherwise – associated with a data breach. This puts IT in the unenviable position of finding an equilibrium between loosening its restrictions on employees while still maintaining a secure environment.

Balancing mobility and security 

Thinking about rolling out or expanding on a mobility initiative? The government has some advice for extended care facilities as well as other healthcare providers who are mulling that option. Check out the five steps which the government believes can lead to a secure mobile environment – and how a Managed Services partner like Arraya Solutions can help with each:

  1. Nail down the scope of your mobility plan. Are mobile devices going to be used to access, send or store resident or patient information? Or will they be used to complement your organization’s existing infrastructure, e.g., as part of an electronic health record system? Arraya is adept at working with companies from all industries, including healthcare, to develop comprehensive and customized strategies capable of addressing the mobile challenges of identity, security and management.
  2. Conduct a risk assessment. What are the biggest threats? Where are you most vulnerable? Most importantly, do you have the resources available to cover those weak spots? Arraya’s Managed Services team has extensive experience deploying a range of mobility solutions. That experience (and our vendor-agnostic approach) helps know where to look to find the threats and weaknesses most likely to cause problems and the solutions that are best for the job.
  3. Formulate a long-term risk management strategy. Arraya’s goal is to build lasting relationships. From initial rollout out through regular maintenance and upgrades, Arraya’s Managed Services team is capable of evaluating and supporting mobility solutions for their entire lifecycle.
  4. Develop, document and implement mobile device policies and procedures. The boundaries and security settings need to be well-defined for mobile device management, BYOD and more. That info also needs to be on the books and available to all potentially-impacted staffers to ensure compliance. Arraya has been down this road before with facilities and can help step you through the documentation process.
  5. Conduct mobile device privacy and security awareness and training. Tech know-how is just part of what Arraya’s Managed Services team brings to the table. It also takes pride in delivering top-notch personal service, including providing training on new mobility solutions to give your team the foundation it needs to achieve enduring positive results.

Arraya’s Managed Services provide the resources organizations need to keep their infrastructure safe, secure and problem-free. These resources reinforce existing IT personnel to ensure the technologies that support your business are available when they’re needed.

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