Short On Time And Data Center Resources Heres A Solution

Short on Time and Data Center Resources? Here’s a Solution

Arraya Insights | January 7, 2016

Patience is not a virtue today’s business world has in abundance – but that’s no longer an issue thanks to Cisco UCS Director. This solution replaces the time-consuming manual tasks needed to empty-open-hand_z1ez7cH_provision and de-provision data centers with quick and efficient automation. This ensures when new opportunities arise, the necessary data center capabilities will be there to allow the business to take advantage.

An “on demand” mindset has taken root in today’s highly-connected business climate. Customers and end users alike have been conditioned by the Internet to expect to have access to the data and services they need, when they need them.

That mindset set a very high bar for IT in terms of expectations, one that it was almost impossible to clear. Previously, provisioning compute, storage, network, etc. resources used to take weeks instead of minutes. Arduous manual processes were chiefly to blame for keeping IT from meeting those expectations. The good news is that is also precisely the area where Cisco UCS Director shines.

Conducting the data center with UCS Director

If the corporate data center is an orchestra, then UCS Director is the conductor. Without it, there’s only a collection of very valuable pieces, but they may not be synchronized and each one may need to be attended to individually. Cisco UCS Director unites those disparate hardware and software infrastructure components to ensure they’re pulling in the same direction, toward the same goal. It does this by transforming the components into programmable tasks. IT can then take these tasks and use them to build workflows that span a data center’s hypervisor, compute, network, and storage pieces.

The features and benefits of UCS Director include:

  • An out-of-the-box task library containing more than 1000 pre-built tasks, representing nearly 2400 days of development. Having them at hand right away allows IT to make infrastructure changes or upgrades within minutes, instead of weeks.
  • Increased insight and input into the performance of the data center through real-time monitoring, dynamic load-balancing, and optimum resource usage. As a result of this more open approach, IT can reduce CapEx expenses by ensuring only necessary resources are being expended and spot problems before they happen.
  • Support for a variety of industry-leading hypervisors, including those from VMware, Microsoft and Red Hat. This ensures the ability to create, manipulate and edit varied virtual machines, hosts, and networks from one spot.
  • Support for a full range of data center technologies, including those from HP, VMware, VCE, EMC and beyond. Modern data centers are often heterogeneous and so support must be diverse in order to meet their needs.
  • Improved resource management through support for resource pools or groups that span physical and virtual resources. This ensures that when IT pros go to make a change to a specific resource pool, other, unrelated pools won’t be impacted by the move.

Ensuring full value from Cisco UCS Director

As patience levels have dropped, data volumes have been rising steadily and so have the demands placed on the IT team. These trends show no signs of reversing in the coming years, making now the perfect time to investigate the automation provided by solutions such as Cisco UCS Director.

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