Strategic Controls Aligned with Business Needs

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” security. Every company is different and has its own unique goals and challenges. Information security programs can strategically focus on many different initiatives to include defending against advanced persistent threats, meeting regulatory or compliance requirements, safeguarding personal information, maintaining system availability, and much more.

Arraya’s Cyber Security Practice is committed to connecting businesses with the technologies and expertise they need to stay safe in today’s heightened threat landscape. By partnering with Arraya, organizations gain the knowledge and experience of a seasoned security team without the burden of actually building that team in-house. Arraya works across departments and at every level of the organization to develop and implement world-class, holistic security solutions.

Security Advisory Services

Building a meaningful security program includes much more than just implementing hardware and software security products. Fundamentally successful security involves developing the right strategy, aligning controls with business priorities, implementing meaningful governance, and managing security tools to monitor effectiveness. The Arraya Advisory Services Team offers security consulting in the following areas:

  • Security Strategy & Risk Assessments
  • Virtual CISO
  • Penetration Testing & Framework Gap Analysis
  • Governance Development
  • Certification & Insurance Planning and Preparation
  • Partner & Vendor Security Management and Validation
  • Incident Response Program Development
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Training & Awareness Programs

Learn how Arraya helped a global client tackle the threat landscape when an incident occurred.

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Architecture and Tools

Protecting information systems requires best in class security products. Arraya’s Cyber Security Practice leverages solutions and partners that have a proven track record of successfully protecting systems against advanced persistent threats. Ranging from small to large implementations, our team can install and configure end-to-end solutions aligned with organizational needs that can defend the enterprise against a wide range of attacks.

Arraya's SMB Protection Package

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Managed Services

Your company has a lot of competing priorities. Hiring and training full time resources dedicated to information security can be difficult, time consuming, and extremely expensive. Arraya Managed Services provides hosted security services managed by highly experienced, expertly trained professionals at a lower cost than what it would take to bring these capabilities in house. Arraya Managed Security Services include:

  • Network Monitoring and Alerting – 24x7x365 monitoring of uptime and availability of critical systems to include real-time notification when systems become unavailable.
  • Training and Awareness – security training for employees and contractors with regular compliance reporting that can be delivered directly to auditors.
  • Managed Firewalls – configuration management, patching, and rule implementation for on premise security devices.
  • Vulnerability Identification and Remediation – recurring scanning of network devices, servers and PCs to identify and report weaknesses or gaps that can be exploited by an attacker.
  • Patch Management – patch prioritization and deployment, gap identification, strategy creation and execution.
  • Secure Healthcare Systems – secure, hardened system configurations and managed services for Windows Servers, PCs, and network devices developed specifically for the healthcare industry.