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Strategic Controls Aligned with Business Needs

Cyber security isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Every step forward takes organizations further from those who seek to do them, or their customers, harm. Of course, malicious actors are also on the move, ensuring there will never be a point where organizations can completely relax.   

Modern organizations don’t need lectures about the seriousness of the trip they are undertaking. Nor do they need scare tactics designed to hurry them along faster. What they need is a partner who understands where they’ve been, where they stand now, and how to get them safely to the next checkpoint along the way.

Generating security and confidence in a connected world

The Arraya Cyber Team (ACT) can help customers throughout their individual security journeysWe do this by addressing the three pillars of cyber security success – people, process and technology. Organizations who work with us gain access to our collection of diverse security skill sets, spanning the tactical and strategic spectrums. They also can count on Arraya to provide the right hardware and software for their unique needs, backed by field-tested processes refined over the course of countless engagements.

Learn how Arraya helped a global client tackle the threat landscape when an incident occurred.

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ACT’s areas of expertise include:

  • Risk Management  No organization wants to be caught flat-footed by cyber criminalsACT can help organizations get out in front of cyber security risks before they have a chance to do real damage. Our team offers a variety of services and assessments designed to weed out and alleviate risk wherever it lurks, whether it’s an overlooked system vulnerability, a governance blind spot, or even a compliance shortfall. 
  • Security Operations – Cyber security is a massive job, one that is (or should be) top of mind for all organizations. Resources with the skills needed to take on that challenge are in extremely high demand. As a result, building an elite team in-house can rapidly consume time and budgetsHowever, ACT can step in and shoulder the load, providing the security skills and experience organizations depend on, without pushing budgets to – or beyond – the breaking point.  
  • Incident Response Services – Security worst-case scenarios happen every day, many of which end up playing out directly in the public eye across headlines and news reportsACT makes sure no organization has to face its worst day alone. Our team can provide the hands-on support and strategic guidance needed to stop an attack or breach in its tracks and execute the appropriate remediation efforts. Our team also offers Incident Response Tabletop Workshops to simulate these worst-case scenarios and ensure your organization is prepared. Learn more.
  • Identity and Data Protection – Today’s organizations need to know who has access to their networks as well as what those individuals are doing with that access. ACT can connect organizations with the tools needed to gain greater insight into the traffic traversing their network. Additionally, our team has the expertise needed to digest and interpret that data and can provide the strategies and solutions for enhancing security wherever necessary. 
  • Dev Sec Ops – Applications play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of nearly all modern enterprises. Many of these tools are custom-built in-house or by contracted third parties. If left unsecured, these applications can serve as a gateway for hackers and other malicious actors. The joint experience and expertise of ACT and Arraya’s App Dev team can ensure the applications employees depend on will be available and secure when called upon.