Vmworld 2017 Day 1 Recap

VMworld 2017 Day 1 Recap

Arraya Insights | August 29, 2017

VMworld 2017 kicked off yesterday morning in Las Vegas with the usual flurry of VMware news and announcements. Some of the biggest stories to break during day one of the conference pertained to perennial IT talking points like the cloud and cyber security. If you couldn’t make it out to take in these updates in person, don’t worry. Members of the Arraya team will be onsite all week and they will be reporting back on everything taking place during this year’s celebration of all things VMware.

Let’s take a peek inside their notebooks to see what caught their eye during day one and what those pieces of news might mean for today’s businesses.

  • Workspace ONE – VMware’s team reviewed the impact Workplace One has had on digital transformation, covering how the platform has unified the management of endpoint devices of all types. Additionally, Workplace has ensured greater privacy on devices that serve end users both at home and in the workplace through context and identity. This result has been a more consistent, more secure end user experience across devices.
  • Cloud Foundation – For some organizations or workflows, private cloud is the only cloud. With Cloud Foundation, VMware believes it has built an SDDC solution for both the private and public cloud. The newly-updated Cloud Foundation (version 2.2) unites computer, storage, and network with lifecycle automation in one package and is compatible with VxRack.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS – The partnership between VMware and AWS allows any application on vSphere to be seamlessly moved to the public cloud. It unites public and private cloud for a best of both worlds approach. It ensures an operational consistency between the on-prem and cloud environments, allowing those migrations to occur without the need for massive amounts of application development rework. This offering will initially be available out west before undergoing a larger rollout.
  • VMware Cloud Services – VMware is continuing to embrace other public clouds to deliver consistent operations for its native cloud services. The latest announcements include Discovery, Cost Insight, Wavefront, Network Insight, and more.
  • Security Updates
    • VMware believes in a three-pillared approach to cyber security: secure the infrastructure, integrate the ecosystems, and ensure cyber hygiene, which itself has five components. They are:
      • Least privilege
      • Microsegmentation
      • Encryption
      • Multi-factor authentication
      • Patching
    • Workspace One will be critical to ensuring IT and end users have a consistent technology experience.
    • Also important will be the newly-announced AppDefense. This solution:
      • Captures the ideal state for an application
      • Detects when that application’s performance deviates from that ideal state
      • Instigates an automated response to the situation
      • Can help prevent future outbreaks in the vein of Petya and WannaCry
      • Partners with IBM security and Watson analytics to become even more powerful

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