Vnx Isilon And More Key 2020 Dell Emc End Of Support Dates

VNX, Isilon and More Key 2020 Dell EMC End of Support Dates

Arraya Insights | March 9, 2020

VNX, Isilon and More Key 2020 Dell EMC End of Support Dates

Several key Dell EMC solutions are set to hit major lifecycle milestones this year, including end of life (EoL) and end of standard support (EoSS). If any of the following technologies can be found in your data center, the time to start prepping an upgrade plan is now. This way, when the clock strikes zero on them, your organization won’t be stuck depending on unsupported, legacy solutions.

We reached out to our data center team to get their take on what the next steps should be for any organization looking to modernize its technology environment by moving away from these soon-to-be-legacy technologies.

Take note of these End of Life (EoL) dates

Despite the seeming finality of the designation, End of Life is just step one in the journey to wind down a given solution. After the EoL date, organizations will still have access to upgrades, patches and will retain the backing of any support contracts signed with Dell EMC. That being said, organizations will want to make sure they’ve started planning for life after the solutions on this list.    

End of Standard Support (EoSS)

EoSS marks the end of standard support for a Dell EMC solution. Once this date arrives, ProSupport contracts will expire for impacted solutions, leaving organizations without access to Dell EMC’s baseline level of support. Given the risks of proceeding without this safety net, organizations will want to make sure they’ve left themselves plenty of time to explore and complete the upgrade paths listed below prior to EoSS.

Next Steps: Planning for – and executing – your data center’s future

Need help planning for any of the above EoL or EoSS dates? Arraya’s data center team can help. Our experts have decades of experience with industry-leading solutions from across the IT spectrum. They can help your organization choose the upgrade path that best suits your unique needs. Start up a conversation with our team today by visiting: https://www.arrayasolutions.com/contact-us/.

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