Welcome To The Arraya Solutions Blog

Welcome to the Arraya Solutions Blog

Erin Steinmetz | August 9, 2012

We’re very pleased to welcome you to our first of many Arraya blog posts. We’ll be taking our blog in a number of different directions, all with the goal of providing valuable information, insights, ideas, and solutions related to application development, managed services, IT strategy, data center, and network infrastructure.

Application Development & Management
With the costs of hosting and hardware declining, many organizations are taking on the challenge of building and maintaining their own applications. These applications tend to be very costly, increasingly complex; they’re also difficult to maintain, modify and enhance, particularly at the speed businesses need. Arraya’s Application Development offerings allow organizations to concentrate on the business end while managing all the flexibility and agility needed at the IT end.

IT and Cloud Services
Most IT initiatives don’t start at the software and development stages; while planning is an important step, the real work starts at the feasibility stage. The highly experienced and talented management and technical team at Arraya can help you strategize, plan, navigate, and deliver on most of your enterprise IT initiatives. We value our role as a trusted advisor and partner and work hard to gain and maintain the trust customers have placed in our expertise.

Data Center
Your organization depends on the safety and security of mission-critical data. Arraya is an expert in implementing data center solutions to simplify IT operation, minimize risk, and reduce the costs associated with managing and maintaining the next generation data center.

Network Infrastructure
Without an ideal network structure consisting of data network, cable, unified communication and wireless technologies your enterprise runs the risk of increased network downtime, not meeting bandwidth demands and increased costs to support. Arraya’s experienced consultants specialize in planning, building, installing and operating network infrastructures to achieve business goals.

Stay Tuned!
The Arraya team is excited to be able to further demonstrate our expertise and value through regular updates, and we hope you’ll become a regular reader. We encourage you to comment, offer feedback, ask questions or contact us directly about any of our posts – as much as this blog is intended to educate and inform, it’s also an opportunity for us to maintain a valuable dialogue with you.