Advisory Services

Closing the Gaps in Your Business Strategy

New solutions have given rise to new capabilities, but they have also opened the doors to new challenges and new regulations. The rapid pace of this evolution has forced organizations to rethink their traditional ways of operating to ensure their systems and processes are optimized for the current realities of the business world.

It is difficult to recognize and plug the gaps that exist between an environment’s current state and the industry ideal without the help of someone who knows where to look and which tools to use. Maintaining this level of expertise in-house can prove an inefficient use of resources. Instead, it’s better to turn to a partner who understands the landscape and knows how to help.

A Roadmap to Success

Arraya Solutions’ Advisory Services can ensure your business stays on top of the topics and technologies that are defining its field. These services are ongoing engagements connecting you directly to the knowledge and experience of our team.

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Our Advisory Services include:

  • vCISO – Proven, individually tailored executive level security guidance to help you align controls with operations, comply with regulatory requirements, maintain system availability, and secure critical systems against advanced persistent threats – all without incurring the cost of a full time CISO.
  • vCTO – Proven, individually tailored executive level technology guidance including strategic planning and development, executive-level reporting, and next-generation IT consulting – all without incurring the cost of a full time CTO.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – An innovative, award-winning, and adaptable framework capable of taking your M&A projects from discovery, implementation and consolidation, all the way through the sun-setting of legacy systems.
  • Disaster Recovery Validation – An engagement designed to help organizations vet the scope and effectiveness of DR plans. Participants will come away with the documentation, procedures, and technical recommendations needed to take their strategy from conceptually strong to ready for action.
  • Industries – Customized support for the unique technological needs inherent to your industry, including those in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, and more, all drawn from Arraya’s decades of on-the-ground experience and the partnerships we build with onsite teams.
  • IT Strategy – A high-level road map, crafted with a hand from Arraya’s team of expert IT resources that can help your business plan for the short term and long-term evolution of its IT environment.
  • Internet of Things – Industry-leading technological know-how and established methodologies that are focused on empowering businesses to deploy and reap the long term benefits of secure Internet of Things connectivity.
  • Enterprise Architecture – Personalized consultations designed to take business requirements and objectives from the page and turn them into reality using the IT solutions that make the most sense for your organization.