Managed Services

We’ll manage your infrastructure and applications, so you can manage your success

The knowledge and availability of your IT resources is finite. Yet their daily task lists seem never-ending. Stuck in a cycle of reacting to problems after they happen, your team has limited opportunity to mature, learn and grow. How do you introduce improvements to your aging infrastructure when you spend all your time chasing down issues? The answer lies in choosing a partner who understands your situation and knows how to help.

Experience You Can Count On

Arraya Solutions has years of experience supporting on-premises and Cloud-based infrastructures and applications.  We’ve seen first-hand the benefits of embracing new technologies to address some of today’s biggest IT challenges.  We understand our role as an IT service provider is to help organizations better understand these challenges and provide flexible, cost-effective solutions. Our value is in providing resources who understand these technologies and can address potential issues before they become problems. Arraya’s Managed Services establishes our commitment to work with your existing IT staff and service vendors to keep your infrastructure safe, secure and problem free.

Arraya’s Managed Services can support all facets of a client’s environment, including:

Five Things to Consider When Comparing Managed Services to a New Hire

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Enterprise-Class Incident, Problem & Change Management

The true value of a Managed Services provider is how quickly and efficiently they respond to incidents and service requests. Arraya’s team of experts is available 24 x 7, ready to investigate alerts, resolve issues and manage changes according to industry best practices. Issues escalate quickly until the right resource(s) are assigned, and the problems are fixed. When it comes to managing changes, we offer a flexible model that doesn’t try to re-define the culture of your organization.

Labware Secures and Streamlines Data with Microsoft SharePoint and Arraya Managed Services

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Hassle-Free Maintenance

Keeping your systems and applications up to date should not be a painful process. Arraya’s Managed Services take care of recurring maintenance and patching for you, scheduling activity off-hours and communicating changes in advance to minimize disruption. Our focus is on prevention, keeping your systems, network devices and applications up-to-date and free of bugs that can lead to unforeseen problems down the road.

Managed Services
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Platform & Application Insight

Addressing issues reactively can be an exercise in futility. Without prior insight into the uptime or utilization of affected systems, it can be difficult to diagnose what’s wrong and put resources toward fixing it. Arraya believes this level of insight is critical to meeting service levels and Customer expectations. As part of our Managed Services, we deploy our enterprise-grade Alert platform at no additional cost and monitor designated systems and applications for availability, health and performance.