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At this point, the benefits of the cloud are well documented. Testimonials from organizations of all sizes and specialties bear witness to the cloud’s ability to increase data availability and user productivity while reducing cost and management overhead. Just as well documented are the challenges standing between many organizations and fully embracing the cloud, including security concerns and internal resistance to culture change.

What’s less established regarding cloud computing is the how. All too often, organizations struggle to overcome the established challenges and miss out on the benefits that initially inspired their cloud migrations. Taking full advantage of the cloud without losing sight of security obligations requires choosing a partner who understands those issues and who knows how to help.

Arraya’s cloud services are designed to help businesses realize their objectives throughout every facet of the cloud continuum ─ private, public, hybrid and cloud native. Our goal is to empower our customers to choose the right mix of cloud platforms and environments to address their individual requirements wherever they are on their digital transformation journey.

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At Arraya, we drive IT modernization through our ability to assess, migrate, optimize and manage workloads and applications. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to maximize the advantages of modern computing by:

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  • Evaluating readiness: Arraya can assess your people, processes and technology in order to determine if your organization is equipped to make the move to – or further its investment in – the cloud.
  • Defining alignment: We will partner with technical and business representatives from your company to define corporate goals and identify gaps across the organization that must be addressed prior to a migration.
  • Reducing complexity: Arraya’s team has undertaken numerous cloud migrations and, even though no two journeys are exactly the same, we can leverage that experience to help simplify the transition for users and technical resources alike.
  • Lowering risk: Arraya understands that a move to the cloud necessitates a new way of thinking about IT budgeting and so we can provide experience-backed financial recommendations to drive informed decision-making.