Project Management

Surviving Implementation: 3 Ways to Keep Your Project on Track

Arraya Insights| August 22, 2016

Remember that fictitious business project we started a few weeks ago? Happily, it’s going through the project management phases with ease. So far, our Project Manager (PM) has helped us complete the Initiation phase, where the groundwork for success was set by establishing stakeholders, lines of communication, and more. Next, we stormed through the Plan […]

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Designing a Successful Project: Insider Tips from Arraya's PMO

Arraya Insights| August 8, 2016

Imagine this scenario: With the help of a project manager, you’ve completed the first phase of a business project. Together you’ve determined who has stake in the project, initiated a dialogue, and outlined the scope of the project. What takes place during the second phase, Plan and Design, is equally important. A successful plan and […]

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Every Successful Project Starts with These 3 Steps

Arraya Insights| June 28, 2016

When a new project waits on the horizon, a “Let’s get moving” mindset can take over. Some participants may be eager to start reaping the benefits it promises, others may be eager to get it finished and off their plates. Whatever the motivation, moving too quickly from the decision to pursue a project to starting […]

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Who’s Watching Over Your Business Projects?

Arraya Insights| June 22, 2016

To leverage a Project Manager or not leverage a Project Manager. It doesn’t have quite the same ring as “to be or not to be,” but it’s a decision businesses struggle with often. Some elect to go without, assigning the task to a project’s lead engineer or tacking those duties onto another employee’s workload. These […]

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What You Can Expect From an Office 365 Test Drive

Arraya Insights| June 7, 2016

While Arraya’s Office 365 Test Drive could be coming to a town near you this summer, several members of our team experienced it in its native habitat recently. The goals was for attendees to gain knowledge and experience that could help them better serve customers looking to deploy Office 365. The day also served as […]

Managers Struggling to Manage Without the Aid of Interoperability

Arraya Insights| August 13, 2015

Are you a manager in IT? Do you have a relentless stream of incidents, requests, changes and requests coming in for projects from the business? Can you even see all the work that is coming in from all over the company? Are you struggling with managing all the work because you can’t see it all? […]

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