Cisco Enterprise Executive Connection Update 2 A Better Way To Buy Cisco Software

Cisco Enterprise Executive Connection – Update 2: A Better Way to Buy Cisco Software

Arraya Insights | February 12, 2015

While most people don’t think of Cisco as a software company, they are the 5th largest software company in the world.  Why then has it always been so complex to purchase and consume Cisco software?  Cisco has heard our frustration and has just announced Cisco ONE Software.  Cisco ONE helps make buying, managing, and upgrading your network and infrastructure software easier. 

Now instead of buying individual software features, you can purchase a single product and have the flexibility to decouple the software from the hardware so you don’t need to repurchase the software when you replace the hardware.  Cisco ONE will also provide ongoing innovation, updates, and upgrades.  Cisco ONE will provide the tools necessary to allow companies to gain more automation and intelligence from their infrastructure. 

Cisco ONE for Access helps you manage and scale your wired/wireless access, aggregation, and core switches from the campus to the branch.  Cisco ONE for WAN helps manage, secure, and optimize your WAN for better business outcomes in branch offices and the network edge.  Cisco ONE for Data Center makes it easier to build scalable, resilient, and highly secure private cloud infrastructure. 

To discuss how your organization can benefit from Cisco ONE, contact your Arraya account manager today to schedule a briefing.  You can also get a high level overview from Cisco ONE Software At-a-Glance

About Cisco’s Enterprise Executive Connection:

The Executive Connection is an exclusive invitation-only event, providing opportunities to network with leading executives and enterprise solution partners. Together with attendees, Cisco discusses its vision for enterprise solutions and how it’s redefining the power of IT to increase customer footprint and accelerate profitability.

During this conference, attendees have opportunities to:

  • Hear from Cisco executives on their focus and future
  • Get updates on new offerings and business opportunities
  • Join roundtables including “Partner of the Future” and other areas 

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