How 63 Of Technology Leaders Slash New Deployment Risk

How 63% of Technology Leaders Slash New Deployment Risk

Arraya Insights | August 1, 2019

Are you deciding between handling your next IT project in-house or working with a partner? You might want to go with the partner. Now granted, our opinion on this topic is hardly objective. Instead, let’s check in with a less biased source: Forrester Consulting. In a recent infographic, the consulting firm documented just how much, even with a skilled in-house team at the ready, it helps having a partner in your corner to provide immediate and long-term support.

As we dive into each of these examples, we’ll also review Forrester’s supporting data:

  • Less Risk: There’s always going to be some level of risk associated with a new technology deployment. However, according to 63% of those surveyed by Forrester, working with a strategic technology partner can lessen that risk. Outside technology partners often have more experience with a technology, allowing them to guide projects around dangerous patches.
  • Greater ROI: Think of the goal your company has in mind as it prepares to deploy a new IT solution. Whatever the objective, Forrester’s data suggests working with a technology partner can help achieve it. Two separate statistics make that case. One states that 62% of those surveyed believe they lack the internal skill needed to realize the full potential of a given technology while 65% say they are unable to extract full value from investments.
  • More Time for Innovation: Rolling out new technologies – and supporting the ones already in an environment – can eat up a lot of IT’s workday. More time spent performing those tasks, leaves less time for innovative new pursuits. The vast majority of those who participated in the survey saw working with a strategic technology partner as a way to free up IT to undertake more forward-looking projects. Roughly 81% of those surveyed say deployment services allow more time for innovation and 77% believe support services do the same.
  • Gain an Outsider Perspective: No one knows your IT environment quite like your organization’s own IT team. Still, there’s something about bringing a fresh set of eyes in to review it. They may be able to spot a gap or a potential incompatibility issue that would have otherwise gone overlooked by those who’ve gotten too close to the environment. Forrester found 66% of those surveyed believe they have benefited from bringing knowledgeable outsiders into their environment.

Don’t face IT’s evolving landscape alone

Here at Arraya, we’re obviously a little biased as to the value of working with a technology partner. However, Forrester’s data demonstrates that those on the other side of the partnership, specifically technology decision-makers, see things much the same way we do. It’s a sign that do-it-yourself, even if you have the skills to do so, may not always be the best approach.

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