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Building a Strong Foundation with M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are complex undertakings for IT. They are disruptive, one-off events that can completely derail existing projects and delay innovation. Lofty business goals can stall while IT struggles to consolidate while supporting the new initiative. Delays in consolidation can lead to employees struggling with their cultural identity, financial losses and potentially business disruption.

For the business, an M&A activity can be a long-term windfall of profit, but it all starts with IT. Systems and technology run the business and empower employees. Migrating to a single platform is the key to obtaining those efficiencies that made the activity so appealing to the business in the first place.

At the ground level, this starts with Microsoft technologies and specifically identities. Consolidation of identities between the two organizations is the strong foundation upon which everything is built. It allows for a singular cultural identity and eases IT management. These basic functions enable a singular, strong company to move forward, ultimately proving the value of the M&A.

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Award-Winning M&A Expertise

The integration of two companies is a complex activity that, if left unchecked, can linger, ultimately removing or lessening the benefits. Arraya Solutions has developed a cohesive strategy to consolidate the foundation that your business is built on – identities, devices and collaboration tools. This helps you take advantage of the consolidation benefits faster.

From these foundational Microsoft technologies, we’ve built our award-winning M&A solution. This innovative and adaptable solution provides a framework to efficiently take M&A projects from the discovery phase, implementation and consolidation, through the sun-setting of legacy systems.

Our M&A solution:

  • Eliminates risk up front through a unique discovery engagement aligned to your business’ consolidation goals.
  • Delivers deep insight into the IT environments of companies on each side of an M&A through pre-migration Health Checks.
  • Utilizes Arraya’s Project Management Office to bridge the gap between companies and design a plan that meets everyone’s needs.
  • Builds a strong foundation for the combined company to start consolidating business operations and derive the operational efficiencies and innovations that the new combined business requires.